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John Adams on HBO
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If you have been watching and enjoying the HBO miniseries John Adams, this is the place to post commentary, icons, wallpapers, and other creative content.

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~*~ Art - Icons/Wallpapers/Etc.
~*~ Screencaps
~*~ Long Commentary/Review Posts
~*~ Downloads (Note: Please put a lock on any copyrighted material.)

At this time, I would request that any adult content or fanfiction be linked to this community rather than posted outright out of respect to all of our members.

Membership and posts will both be moderated by hobsonphile.

About Your Moderator:

I have been captivated by the real John Adams since the Broadway revival of 1776 in 1997-1998. I have read the books written by Page Smith, Peter Shaw, John Ferling, Joseph Ellis, and David McCullough - and have also poured through the available letter collections. The infatuation with the man and the period became so intense, in fact, that I even elected to take a minor in history and spend a summer in costume at Colonial Williamsburg. Yes - as my family has observed, I'm a little crazy, but I certainly don't bite, so if you have any queries regarding the aims and rules of this community, by all means, ask away!